Environ Prime & Perfect Gift Set

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Experience clean, refreshed and beautifully moisturised skin with Environ’s Multi-functional skin preparation essentials.

This kit is perfect for anyone that loves Environ as it suits such a wide range of skin types. From mature to oily, sensitive to dehydrated. The versatility of these products means it makes a perfect gift for anyone that loves to take care of their skin.

This set includes

Dual Action Pre-Cleansing Oil
Skin EssentiA Hydrating Clay Masque
FREE of charge includes:

Focus Care Moisture+ Hydrating Oil Capsules (10)
*This saves you a fantastic £15 at RRP!*

Here are the ways that these products can be used in synergy (can, of course, be used separately too!)

Masque for dry, sensitive, mature and dehydrated skins
Apply in a thick even layer, leave for a minimum of 10 minutes, remove with appropriate Environ® cleanser.

Masque for oily skin
Can be left of the skin overnight, apply after your Vitamin A moisturiser.

Apply a thin layer over the top of the Environ® Dual Action Pre-cleanser, massage into the face for 3-5 minutes, remove with appropriate Environ® cleanser.

Deep overnight hydration
Apply a thin layer over the face, apply an Environ® hydrating capsule over the top and wash off as normal in the morning.


Due to the active nature of the ingredients in certain Environ® products (including non-active ingredients which become active when combined with others), a consultation is required to establish the correct products for your skin.