Lusso Tan Cleansing Pads

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+ Your new bestie for removing makeup without erasing your sunless tan! Get fresh, clean skin time and time again with Lusso Tan Reusable Cleansing Pads. 



+ Effortlessly sustainable. Dual sided. Reusable. Up to 500 cleanses per pad. Ultra-gentle. Mess free. No scrubbing required. Suitable for sensitive skins. Machine washable. 



+Dual sided and reusable with soft satin edges, Lusso Tan Cleansing Pads are made up of super soft microfibers to effectively absorb makeup, sweat and grime for a gentle and thorough cleanse.  



+ Rinse well before first use. 

+ Add water before gliding over the skin to gently remove makeup and impurities. 

+ Effective with just water or partner with your favourite cleanser. 

+ Rinse with hot soapy water after use.

+ Machine wash weekly at a low temperature.